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I specialize in capturing moments, whether it be via wedding photography, portraits, or   just the pure art of photography. I hold the art in high regard. I refuse to sacrifice that aspect of my images. I not only enjoy expressing myself, but I find great joy in telling a story through photographs. I would love to help share your story.

My number one desire is to give individual and unique service and attention. Therefore I will commit to booking a limited amount of shoots per month so that I am able to provide you the best service possible.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or would like to hire me for your occasion.

Associate: Adam Ydstie


  1. - Gerald and Airika Pope are my mentors. Many of the images on this website are because they were gracious enough to allow me to tag a long on a few weddings. They are amazing!

Committed to Art, Honesty, and Quality

What defines me as an artist – Since I was a child I have always  expressed myself through different forms of visual media. While I have dabbled in many expressive forms I find that I connect to the world more through the lens of my camera.  Photography has never been about the money for me, and I feel that  I am ethically bound to put art first before finances.

It is for that reason I guarantee my best work for you and your family.  My intent is never to just take photos, but to tell your stories through my projects. My hope is that at the end of our sessions you feel excited and satisfied with the final results. Please feel free to contact me, or my associate with any questions you may have.  

Associate: Doug Stoeckicht


Exploring the world through the lens of my camera...