Ben and Lahlae’s Wedding

What happens when a South African marries a Persian? You get a wedding with amazing food, high energy and a lot of dancing. I have yet to see a wedding that supersedes the amount of energy and excitement than Ben and Lahlae’s wedding. It was hard to stop taking pictures at this wedding because it seemed like something new and exciting was around each corner. Thank you Ben and Lahlae for letting me be a part of that energy and excitement. I share in the same excitement for your future as that of your guests. Click the image below for your slideshow.

Kevin and Janet’s Slideshow

The first wedding of the season was a beautiful, simple, and meaningful ceremony. I was glad to have my Doug Stoeckicht as a second shooter. Check out his blog. The link is located to the right under “Blogroll”. We had a fun time shooting at the gardens on the TCC campus and around their church. Kevin and Janet, it was a joy to share in your day. Thank you for the opportunity. Click on the image below for your slideshow.

1022 South and Tacoma Happy Hours

A friend and I are working on creating a Tacoma Happy Hour Brochure so we decided to visit a few places and take some photos. My first choice was 1022. This quaint and friendly place has become a community so to speak for me. Their drinks are outstanding and stellar and the service is even better. The photos don’t even do justice to the drinks. So, go to 1002 South. It shouldn’t be hard to remember since the name and the address are the same. Visit them on South “J” Street. Enjoy the photos!

But first… you must know their happy hour: $3 wells and $2 beers from 4-8 p.m. AMAZING right!?! But don’t just go there for happy hour prices. Enjoy the menu drinks as well. They even have some great appetizers most of which are made fresh by the amazing staff.

Kevin and Janet

I had the fortunate opportunity tonight to do a pre-wedding shoot with a couple whose wedding I am shooting next weekend with my associate Doug Stoeckicht. Kevin and Janet wanted to start over by the Tacoma Dome and move our way along the Link line. All in all, it was a fun evening. Kevin and Janet, we are SO excited for your wedding next weekend. I hope you enjoy these photos. Everyone check out Doug’s blog in the next few days at least for some additional images. The link is in the Blogroll to the right.

Long Time Coming & Roller Derby!

Remember how life gets crazy and last thing on your mind is what to blog next? Well, I do. But, I am now going to try to make a better commitment to blogging. And, what better way to start than with some shots of the two most recent Roller Derby bouts?

The Dockyard Derby Dames sure know how to entertain for a couple hours on the weekend. These bouts have started to become one of my favorite Tacoma activities. The photos in the slideshow come from their Exhibition Bout and their Season 3.1 Bout. I hope that you all enjoy the photos. Much love to the DyDD!! (Click on either image below for the slideshow)

Click here for slideshow

Click here for slideshow